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We offer streaming media solutions for clients in need of webcasting services that include live and streaming video on demand. For live events, we provide camera and audio crews, program switching, PowerPoint and video integration, encoding services.

Our team works with webcasting companies, resellers and content delivery networks (CDN) to provide local production and streaming support in the Atlanta area and around the Southeast. In recent months, we have traveled to North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Bermuda to support our client projects.

Our streaming media services include:

  • Dedicated production team
  • Location scout and internet connection test
  • Encoding technician
  • Apple and PC laptops
  • Telestream Wirecast live encoding software
  • Scan converter for capturing presenter PPT's, web pages and video
  • Up/Down/Cross converter enabling multiple input formats
  • HD/SDI workflow on site
  • Aja Ki-Pro record of program
  • HD/SDI to USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt converters
  • Telestream Episode file encoder/converter
  • Live switching of multiple cameras/sources
  • HD cameras with iso-record
  • Wireless microphones, audio mixing board, audio record of event
  • Phone patch for remote callers to hear event and ask questions
  • Producer to advance slide deck, monitor chat and viewer questions
  • Audio technicians, production assistants and technical directors
  • Make-up artist
  • Teleprompter and operator
  • Presenter timer
  • Post-event editing
  • Streaming Video On Demand
  • and other gear and crew needed for your event

  • Whether live or on demand, Atlanta Video Production has the team of broadcast professionals ready to assist on your webcast. One phone call secures everything needed to make your webcast a success!

    For additional information, call us at 770-558-4059.

    Preparing for a live, multi-camera webcast in New Orleans, LAPHOTO: Standing by for the start of a multi-camera live webcast originating
    from New Orleans, LA at the HIMSS Conference.


    success stories

    Atlanta Video Production is what you might call a "turn-key'" production company. He has provided everything from camera crews to full live multi-camera productions for me, from Florida to Texas."

    Leslie Gersing
    Bloomberg News

    On location in Daytona Beach at NASCAR Headquarters

    Webcast from Atlanta's Delta Hangar 2

    Live SEC announcement at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

    Live webcast from Orlando, FL